Bosnia and Hercegovina, Trebinje – Mostar





When booking, you pay 30% of the cost of the tour, and the rest is paid on the bus

This trip will let you explore the town of Trebinje – the most southern city in Bosnia & Hercegovina situated on the bank of the beautiful river Trebišnica. Visit Hercegovačka Gračanica, the old orthodox monastery and the main tourist attraction of the town. Travel to the Mrkonjići village and see the house where St. Basil of Ostrog, one of the most revered saints in Serbian Orthodox Church, was born.

Next town to visit is Mostar, founded in Medieval Ages, which name is connected with “the Old Bridge” built in 1566 and being part of UNESCO World Heritage. During the war in 1992-96 the town was divided into two parts – Muslim and Catholic – and the old bridge, the symbol of town, was destroyed. Later the bridge was reconstructed from the fallen into river stones, and the whole reconstruction cost more than 10mn euro. Nowadays this bridge symbolizes the peaceful life of the country.

Go on to find out where is the strongest supply of fresh water in Europe Vrelo Bune. This is a natural phenomenon making an indelible impression by its stunning view and springing with a bang out of the cavern beneath high vertical cliff. Vrelo Bune is a wonderful example of the finest example of an underground karst river. it is one of the largest and most beautiful springs in Europe, producing approx. 30 m3/s with extremely cold and clean water.

At 6.30am leave Budva and go to the direction of the border with Bosnia & Hercegovina. The town of Trebinje is going to be the first to visit with having a look into the monastery up the hill, then coming down back to the town and having breakfast. Nest is the Mrkonjići village and visit to the house of St. Basil of Ostrog. Then head to Mostar to see the town together with a guide, free time and lunch. After that your bus will take you to Vrelo Bune where you will have half an hour to take photos and have a cup of coffee. And then is the way back home.

What is included in the tour price: a trip by comfortable bus, Russian-speaking guide services, entrance fees to the Tvrdoš Monastery, wine cellar.

What is not included: lunch.

Tips: foreign passport!!



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