Boka at Evening (cruise)





When booking, you pay 30% of the cost of the tour, and the rest is paid on the bus

Take a cruise on the biggest and the most stunning ship of the Boka Kotorska, where you will be offered a warm welcome from the ship crew, live music and the most delicious evening meal with fish. The ship is fitted with 28 projectors to floodlight your way and let you discover the gorgeous sights of the Boka Kotorska. Start your evening trip in Montenegrin port town Tivat, then pass by Porto Montenegro – a brand new luxury resort. Then turn to the isles of Gospa od Škrpjela – the island of Virgin Mary on the reef, the man-made creation: the people of Perast had been throwing rocks and sinking old shipwrecks for years.

Next to it you can see the rocky and green island of Sveti Đorđe (St. George) which came into being in a natural way. Next place to see is a picturesque village Stoliv. Its name is derived from the old legend. A young man had to plant 100 olive trees to have a right to merry a girl he loved. Hence the name: Sto (100) and OLIVA (olive). Then we will pass by the true cultural pearl – the city of Kotor. There is no another city on the whole coast of the Adriatic Sea, where the medieval architecture would be preserved in such a good condition as it is in the old part of Kotor. This unique wholeness is the main reason for this city to have become the UNESCO World Heritage. The evening Kotor is illuminated with the beautiful lights along the 4.5km wall of the St. John fortress. Then we will go to see one of the most wonderful places in Montenegro – Dobrota. There were built large palaces for the famous families in Dobrota, the landmarks that are still partly preserved. Pass by Luta, a very beautiful fishermen’s village in the very heart of Boka Kotorska.

Travel around a small stone town – Perast. A city of palaces and fortresses, temples and squares, Perast is full of ancientness and legends. This is the place where the first world-famous marine school was built and where the garde-marines of the Peter the Great were sent to study. One of the calmest communities in Montenegro is Kamenari. It is situated in the Veriga straits, which is in the narrowest part of Boka Kotorska, and has turned to become famous for its quarries. The stone from this place was used to build some Kotor temples, buildings in Venice and even in New York. Here our cruise comes to its end and we go back to Tivat.

What’s included in the tour price: transportation, guide services, a trip by ship, evening meal with the fish.


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Address: Jadranski put BB,
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