Montenegro in Three Days

Montenegro in Three Days

Looking for an adventure-packed three-day trip to Montenegro? Look no further! This itinerary will give you a taste of the country's stunning natural beauty, rich history, and unique culture.

Day 1. Begin your day with a visit to the historic town of Kotor. Nestled on the Bay of Kotor, this town boasts beautiful architecture, cobbled streets, and historic landmarks. Take a stroll through the old town and make sure to climb to the top of the Kotor Fortress for panoramic views of the town and surrounding mountains.

Next, head to Lovcen National Park, located just a short drive from Kotor. The park is home to the mausoleum of Montenegrin ruler and poet, Petar II Petrovic-Njegos. You can climb to the top of the mausoleum for breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

In the afternoon, visit the small town of Cetinje, the former royal capital of Montenegro. Walk through the town's historic streets, visit the Cetinje Monastery, and learn about the country's history and culture at the National Museum of Montenegro.

End your day with a visit to Budva and Sv. Stefan. This town is known for its beautiful beaches, historic old town, and vibrant nightlife. Spend your time by exploring the town's narrow streets and ancient walls and enjoying the local cuisine at one of the many restaurants and cafes. In the evening, head to one of the town's many bars or clubs and dance the night away.

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Day 2. Start your day with a trip to Durmitor National Park, located in the northwestern part of the country. The park is home to over a dozen glacial lakes, including the stunning Black Lake. Hike around the lakes and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Next, head to the town of Žabljak, located in the heart of Durmitor National Park. This small town is a popular destination for adventure-seekers, with opportunities for mountain biking, zip-lining, and skiing in the winter months.

In the afternoon, take a scenic drive to the Tara River Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon. Take a thrilling rafting trip down the river or simply admire the stunning views of the canyon from one of the many viewpoints.

End your day with a visit to the town of Kolasin, known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities. Take a hike through the Biogradska Gora National Park, known for its ancient forest and stunning lake.

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Day 3. Visit Monastery Ostrog, which is a stunning religious site located in the mountains of Montenegro. Built into the face of a cliff, this monastery is a remarkable feat of engineering and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Montenegro.

Continue the trip to Skadar Lake, the largest lake in the Balkans, and take a boat tour to explore the lake's stunning natural beauty. Sample some local wine and cuisine at one of the nearby restaurants.

Montenegro is a country with a rich history and culture, stunning natural beauty, and endless opportunities for adventure. This three-day itinerary will give you a taste of all that Montenegro has to offer. Happy exploring!

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